Spokane Writes: A Poetry and Prose Anthology

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Spokane County Library District is celebrating its 75th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, we published an anthology of prose and poetry featuring writers of all ages from Spokane County and surrounding areas.

Spokane Writes: A Poetry & Prose Anthology is a collection of stories, essays, and poems by writers of all ages who live and have lived in the Inland Northwest. The anthology celebrates the local community and the plethora of writing talent in the area.

From Sharma Shields in the Introduction to Spokane Writes:

“What a joy it was for us to read the submissions for this anthology. The poetry and prose in Spokane Writes explore the full range of emotions a celebration can entail—glee and whimsy, yes—but also poignancy, tenderness, even longing and remorse. Not all gatherings we attend are purely happy ones, as in Bruce Holbert’s tender short piece “Easter” when a loving father—newly diagnosed with a difficult disease—braces himself to greet his grown son. And sometimes even those behaviors or objects we loathe deserve our respect and adulation, as in Audrey Duff Overstreet’s moving poem about an estranged family member, “She Limits Her Circle.” Life is not unhappy or happy, black or white, it is all emotions, all colors and shadows. We triumph when we embrace this emotional variety, and Spokane Writes accomplishes this beautifully. Remarkably, the book hosts writing by some of our most celebrated local writers, such as oft-published EWU professor Rachel Toor and American book award winner Shann Ray, alongside talented writers of all ages who have never before published poetry or prose.”

Proceeds from the anthology go to the Friends of the Spokane County Library District and help fund a variety of library services and programs.

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